Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Extreme Makeover - BLOG edition!

I was hesistant.

I went back and forth...

Should I do it?

Should I not?

Will my handful of faithful readers (you guys rock!) be able to find me?

Will they mind changing my address on their blogroll? or maybe even Google Reader?
(I have not yet ventured into Google Reader so I have no idea how that works...)

Will other readers like my new look enough to add ME to their blogroll?
(Oh! Just the thought....a girl can dream right?)

So after much debate and consulting with my local blog "expert" & close friend, Jen, I decided to go for it!

Just to give my BIG reveal the full effect, imagine that I am obnoxiously yelling through a megaphone as you click my new link-

"HEY BLOGGER, MOVE THAT BUS!" (you get the idea...haha)

1 comment:

Wendi said...

I didn't even realize you moved.
My reader just led me here.
That was easy.
I will try to remember to change it on my blogroll.
Welcome to your new Home Kelli!